Leading The Way


A wise man said, “If a man has not been over the road himself, do not accept him as a leader to show you the way.” That’s good advice when it comes to directions, but it is also good advice for leadership as well.  We are all leaders in some area of our lives; at church, at work, in social settings, and even at home.  One of the lessons I have learned through the years is that a good leader will not ask someone to do something that he has neither done before or is not willing to do it himself.  A leader’s job isn’t to do everything, but a good leader doesn’t view any job as beneath him either.  Thus it is an issue of humility and respect.  If a leader is not too proud to jump in from time to time to help those he leads, it speaks volumes about his character.  If a leader can identify with his followers in whatever they are trying to accomplish, he will be more understanding in light of their productivity.  Thus, leadership takes more than experience; it also takes willingness and a proper attitude.


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