Disgusting Lips


A wise person once said, “A liar is not believed even when he speaks the truth.” Oh, how precious honesty really is.  To be trusted by your word is one of the highest principles of integrity.  The Bible says, “Lips that lie are disgusting to the Lord, but honest people are his delight.” – Proverbs 12:22 (GW).  God finds dishonesty as a disgusting and detestable practice.  He is not the only one that feels this way.  If you look through the headlines each year there are people who lose their jobs, their families, and even their freedom due to dishonesty.  Lying is very tempting when we are faced with the deception that it will keep us out of trouble.  However, every lie will eventually be reveled.  Many times these revelations happen in this life, but rest assured even those that aren’t revealed are known by our Holy God.  So dear friends, if you follow Jesus as your Lord and Savior, follow Him with your lips as well.  Remember honest people are His delight!


It Is Getting Late


Someone once humorously said, “It’s later than we think and most of us aren’t thinking.” How true that statement is for those realizing the days we live in.  Many people and sadly many Christians are living day to day like life will never end.  However, we are living closer today to the end of it all than we have ever been before.  Jesus left us with this promise: “Surely I am coming quickly” (Rev. 22:20 NKJV). Isn’t that an amazing statement by our Lord?  The last recorded message of Jesus to us in the New Testament is that he is coming soon.  At any moment, He is going to step out and call us home.  Oh, what a day that will be!  Yet, why is it that we live day in and day out like He is never going to come? I believe the answer is that we allow ourselves to become distracted.  We are distracted with the worries and cares and trinkets that occupy our attention.  What we need, though, is to fix our hearts to the times we live in.  It is drawing very late and we are running out of time to do the Lord’s service.  Let us each get busy about our Master’s work for tomorrow may be too late!

Know Where The Money Is Going


    I read a great quote the other day that said the following: “A budget plan is one where you tell the money where to go instead of wondering where it went.”  The Bible speaks a lot about money and personal finances.  We are told that we are to be good stewards or managers of the riches that God provides for us.  After all everything that we own really belongs to God in the first place.  Therefore, if we are going to claim to manage God’s money well, then we must get in the habit of budgeting.  We have a responsibility to know where the money is going.  The Bible says, “Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds” – Proverbs 27:23 ESV.  In our current culture, there seems to be more talk about borrowing rather than budgeting, but remember if you are a follower of Christ, then He should be Lord of your pocketbook as well.

Loafing or Plowing?


Someone once noted, “The height of laziness is a fellow who gets up at five in the morning so he can have more time to loaf.”  Laziness can affect any of us. There are times for leisure and relaxation.  There are appropriate times for rest.  Many of us would be quick to deny a habit of taking “time to loaf,” but how many of us would admit that we have a habit of wasting too much time?  With the luxuries of TV’s and smart phones productivity can and does become highly hindered.  The temptation is to make excuses for the slack in time, but the lack of our results and outcomes prove our guilt.  To be honest this principle applies not only at work, but in any area of life.  If our home life, our social life, or even our spiritual life is lacking, the real problem may be staring at us in the mirror.  The Bible tells us, “If you are too lazy to plow, don’t expect a harvest” – Proverbs 20:4 CEV.  Those are not pleasant words by any means, but they are very practical.  Life takes work.  If we find ourselves wasting certain areas of it, we must repent and get our hands back on the plow.  It is very tempting to loaf, but it is far more profitable to actively be about our own business.

This Great Land


We hear a lot these days about how our country is a secular nation and that our forefathers never intended that religion, especially Christianity should have any part in the forming of our government.  Yet these statements just don’t add up to history or to the documentations of our founding fathers.  Documents and monuments scattered across Washington D.C. and this great nation give credence to a great Divine power. Even in the Declaration of Independence we read these words: “We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions”.  So it is quite clear that America was not founded under atheistic intentions, but quite the contrary.  While we are indeed not specifically a Christian nation, we were indeed founded upon Christian principles.  Freedom is one of the greatest of Christian virtues and one we still cling to as a nation today.  Therefore, I encourage you this July 4th to take time to give thanks for this great land that we live in.  It may be ever changing and even in many cases for the worse, yet it is truly a wonderful gift to live in America.  May we never take for granted the freedoms afforded to us by God through our founding fathers.