Real Hell


Many years ago someone observed, “Since the old-time evangelist has disappeared from the scene, hell isn’t 40 percent as hot as it used to be.”  While that little colorful remark was made several years ago, we still find it has a great deal of relevance today. Hell is a topic many shy away from. It is unpopular, uncomfortable, and to many unbelievable. However, you cannot claim to believe “the whole counsel of God” and reject the reality of hell.  Not only did the prophet Daniel, the apostle Paul, and John the Revelator proclaim that hell was an eternal place, but so did Jesus.  Actually we find Jesus teaching the truths of hell in all 4 gospels. So according to the Bible the issue isn’t whether hell is a real place or not, but it is an issue of whether we will be going there or not. This is why God sent Jesus. You see, because hell is real people who die guilty of their sins go there.  Therefore, God in his infinite love and mercy sent Jesus to take our punishment for sin (our hell) and nail it to the cross. Thus Jesus became our sacrifice and provided for us a means of salvation. Salvation from what? Hell. For God’s glory and for our benefit Jesus has made a way to escape hell.  We receive this escape and forgiveness only one way.  We must admit we are sinners and we are destined to punishment.  Next we must turn from our sin (repent) and believe that Jesus, the only Son of God died and rose again to take away your sins.  Then finally, we must be willing to confess this truth to others.  If you have done this hell cannot touch you and heaven is waiting for you. Many will here this message and scoff, but they are making the biggest mistake of their lives, because hell is as real as Jesus is.


5 thoughts on “Real Hell

  1. you may want to source your material, showing you’ve at all researched the topic, for what you’ve said as-it-is is utterly false.

    it is a good rule of thumb: only speak to what you know.


    1. wcorym

      Hello Steven,

      Thank you for taking time to read my post. I do need to apologize for not citing my sources for my topic of hell. While the word “hell” or gehenna is not used in every reference, I believe that hell is referred to in other ways and in various places throughout Scripture. While I won’t bore you with an exhaustive lists of references, here are some direct verses that relate to my post: Daniel – (Dan. 12:2), Paul – (1 Thess. 1:9), & John the Revelator – (Rev. 20:10). As far as Jesus’ teachings on hell from all for gospels: Mathew 10:28, Mark 9:44-49, Luke 16:23-24, and John 15:6.

      While as I mentioned before the term “hell” may not be directly used, but it is defiantly being referred to, at whatever stage that it is, whether referring to the current state of Hades or the final lake of fire. As far as Jesus being the sacrifice and substation for our sins (which determines our destiny of heaven or hell) one can look to many places in New Testament to find this truth. A great example is John 3:16-36. The references to condemnation cannot be over looked. One cannot get around the fact that Jesus did and will come for judgment on mankind (Jn. 9:39) and that judgment includes each person’s eternal state.

      Obviously, I take a literal view of scripture. And from that view point I am not “utterly false” as you say. To deny the existence of hell means that we have to deny that words spoken by Christ in the Bible. And your view of the inerrancy of Scripture will affect you trust in what Jesus has spoken.

      So thanks again for taking time to read the post and commenting.

      1. jesus mentioned gahenna, but this was a city and an analogy to its city dump. and is jesus coming for judgement in his saying “i didn’t come to the world to judge it” (john 12:47).

        you know, when i come to the store for milk, i’m not coming to the store bringing milk, eh?

        when referencing to the OT, you have to own the author’s meaning, and in judaism, there is no heaven or hell; only sheol.

        again, seriously study these things before commenting. or, do whatever you want. i just can’t imagine talking about something if i knew i was out of my depth. with “proof-texters”, i simply have to think you all seriously do think you know what you’re talking about.

        that’s all there is to say. well, aside from the fact that all the information of the world is really at your fingertips, yet you haven’t lifted a finger to research.

        cheers, mate.

  2. wcorym


    You are correct that Gahenna was a city and more specifically a dump. So yes I do believe that the Lord was making an analogy, but not to just the physical dump. Not everyone he was talking to would be thrown into the city dump. I believe He was using a visual aid to speak of a spiritual place.

    You are correct that Jesus did not come to judge the world when he was here the first time. But He will be the judge in the end. You referenced John 12:47, but you must also accept verse 48 as well. Besides there are other passages in the Bible that speak of Jesus in this role in the future. (I’m not sure if I should reference them though, since you don’t care for people who proof text.)

    I am also well aware of Sheol in the Old Testament. It is a general term used for death. The wicked and the righteous are both spoken of being there. However, it was obviously viewed as a temporary place. David speaks of leaving there to be with the Lord (Ps. 16:10-11). I believe that there is pretty strong evidence that David believed that he would be going to heaven, for instance, surly David didn’t mean a literal “house” in Ps. 23:6. And again in Daniel’s prophecy he speak of a resurrection of the dead. The righteous to everlasting life and the wicked to everlasting contempt. I believe that it is Sheol that Jesus was referring to in Lk. 16 and there you will find that He presents it as a place of paradise and a place of torment. So Sheol does not negate the reality of an eternal place of torment.

    On a personal note, you presuppose that I don’t “seriously study” the things I write about on my blog. You obviously think that I am simple minded, since you believe that I am speaking of a subject that is out of my “depth”. However, I do not believe that this is a fair assumption about me. Just becasue I don’t believe everything I find in a Google search to be true when it comes to Scripture, doesn’t make me ignorant. I am not unaware of opposing views and counter views to my faith, but just because those views exist doesn’t prove that they are right and that I am wrong. I have studied higher criticism of the Bible and I have heard all the rhetoric by self-made scholars that proclaim that there is error within the pages of scripture.

    But for me this is an issue that goes deeper then just intellect. It is an issue of faith. Call me names and criticize me all that you want to, but I truly believe that the Bible is the word of God. I believe that it can be taken at face value and I believe God has preserved it since the writings of the original manuscripts. I have studied the Bible in the original Hebrew and Greek and I have still come to the conclusion that the Bible can be trusted even in most English translations.

    That being said, I take my stance and my beliefs from the pages of scripture and not just philosophy. Philosophy has it’s place, but it never trumps the word of God. You may think that my Christianity is “backwards” because of my position regarding Scripture and that is fine, but I am not alone. For instance, my view of hell is not just isolated to my frame of thinking, but the vast majority of Evangelical Christianity teaches the same thing. Hell is referred to in the Apostles Creed, the Westminster Confession of faith, more recently the Philadelphia Confession of faith.

    Look, I understand that you believe your are right and that I am wrong. You have every right and freedom to believe that, but I also have every right and freedom to believe as I do. I also have the right to share my views on my blog as I feel it should be presented. I appreciate your crusade for wanting resources cited, but to be totally honest, I have checked out many of your very own post and you have presented your views openly, many times without references.

    That being said, I appreciate the exchange, but I am ready to move on.

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