Family Peace At Christmas

crimbo-dinner-1328794It’s been said, “After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even his relatives.” One of the traditions and joys of Christmas is the gathering of families. However, for many folks this holiday season, they will remain separated. For some this happens by no choice of their own; work, military service, or just the long distance hinders the travel. But for many others they have chosen not to be with family because of some hurt that separates them. Many have lived for years estranged from their so called “loved ones”. However, as Christian we should not live such a way. Especially at Christmas time. This is a holiday that celebrates the coming of the Savior, the forgiver of our sins. Honestly, Christmas should be understood as a celebration of God’s forgiveness to man. That being said, how could we celebrate the Lord’s forgiveness of us while at the same time refuse to show forgiveness to our own family members? Circumstances might make it that you shouldn’t go to your relatives homes for a gathering, but in your heart of hearts as a Christians you must know that you can’t live in unforgiveness. So if this is your situation this Christmas, give yourself a Christmas present, the gift of a forgiving heart. If you will open yourself to forgive those who hurt you, you will find a peace this Christmas, that has been hauntingly absent all year long. Think about it. Have a very Merry Christmas.


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