God Still Brings Revivals!

This past week our church, Scottsville Road Baptist Church, were blessed to have Tim Colovos to lead us in revival.  Tim along with several others from Oakland Baptist Church came and worshiped with us.  Sunday through Tuesday, Pastor Tim brought bold messages about God’s faithfulness and His ability use us if we let Him.  On Wednesday night, Mark Quigley, Oakland’s Associate Pastor delivered a powerful message reminding us that if Jesus could feed 5000 with just a small amount of food, He could certainly us our small church to do great things.

I realize that from the outside our revival may have seemed insignificant.  No one was saved. No one openly rededicated their lives or surrendered to the ministry, but I believe God has started stirring in the hearts of our people.

I do testify of this one great truth…I personally was revived.  I am so excited and so on fire for God I can’t hardly hold it back.  If nothing else, I hope that what God has been doing in me will spread like fire to the rest of my church.  Thank you God for the revival!


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